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My Uncle Paul, a phenomenal classical musician, used to call his violin his “fiddle”. I always loved the understated way he talked about his art. I…am making “pictures”.

the making is the meaning

…what I am doing, phrased in a better way by Kate Chisholm, writer, director, singer and good friend.


There is an idea out there that at some point you have to stick to a style if it is “working,”  but no… read about Nicole Eisenman, who refuses to do that…


exploring a single direction indefinitely is satisfying • color is infinitely fascinating • texture is infinitely fascinating • there is meaning in meaninglessness


These rectangles I am painting, I realize, are the pages of my own Book of Hours.


I love Mark Rothko’s work. I really love it and always have. As Austin Kleon said that Salvador Dalí said, “Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce…

Rule Breaking

So I’ve already broken my first rule, which is to post everything, no matter how terrible. I can justify this by saying that I have a learning curve…


Below is the original statement I wrote when I first started posting. Things have changed quickly—the work is larger, more time consuming, and has moved in many different directions….